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Homeschool encouragement is vital and necessary. Home education is an unparalleled, momentous and sometimes daring odyssey. It is a life of day-in, day-out, high intensity.

The best inspiration is to remember what you are doing and why. You are educating your child to be his best. He is learning to use his talents and preparing to take his place in the world.

Hopefully, he will be able to give to others and fulfill a role that no one else can. What you are doing is noble and so very important for not only your family, but the world. (Read a true story. )

From where do you think many of the future leaders will emerge? From homeschooling families, of course...Youth who have been encouraged to think, choose right rather than wrong, exert the extra effort, act selflessly. You are an integral part of this.

Consider these statistics:

Dr. Lawrence M. Rudner in an independent study of over 20,000 home schoolers stated, "Average/median homeschool students outperform at at least 70-80 percent of their conventionally schooled peers in all subjects and at all grade levels. Studies show the longer a student is homeschooled the higher his scores."

It's worth it!

Don't compare your family and your homeschooling to anyone else. There are as many ways to homeschool as there are families doing it. Do not try to fit into a mold. Follow your path.

Note: Take any and all advice with a critical eye (including this!) This is your homeschool. It's smart to listen to others and consider their ideas. But only keep what is useful to you. You have the grace to educate your child. You know your child like no other. You most ardently desire the best for your child.

Consider these words of homeschool encouragement:

  • Don't expect perfection. Life is messy. Just keep trying. Maintain the course.

  • Remember everyone has bad days.

  • Maintain order-- in discipline and the house. These are two areas of major concern to many Moms, and rightly so. Order is the basis of our homeschooling life so if these two are under control (and they can be) everyone is happier.

  • Compose a chore chart and enforce it, so everyone can help with the housework.

  • Try to keep up with the school work. It's been said that there is no such thing as burnout in homeschooling. We just get behind with grades, plans, etc. Then it becomes overwhelming. Don't let it. Enlist your husband/children/mother/anyone to help with grading. Set aside a Saturday to catch up. Make it a celebration. Post it on the calendar. Buy pizzas, rent good movies, ask Dad to take the children on an outing. Then catch up.

  • Take time for you and your husband. Remind yourself there is life outside of home teaching.

  • Find homeschool encouragement through balance. Take care of yourself. It's not selfish. If you are worn out, tired and neglected, how can you give to others? For example, eat well, exercise and refresh yourself with spiritual reading. Make time to relax. Use the free worksheet to help.

  • Talk honestly with other homeschoolers. We all experience similar concerns, so understanding and help is but a 'phone call away. Then be available to offer homeschool encouragement to others. Home educating Moms are notoriously generous and gracious.

    Another source of information and assistance is, obviously, the internet. If you are homeschooling a gifted child, be sure to visit the website, Gifted Journey. It will be time well-spent.

  • Homeschool encouragement can also be found at the Marriage and Family Page of The Movement for a Better America. The opening quote from Jean Guitton is alone worth the visit: "By doing little things for each other, by tender ingenuity, love is kept alive." It's just what parents need to hear as they deal with all the challenging problems of "this day and age."

  • Rome was not built in a day. If you are serious and consistent, your child will learn.

Notice that "courage" is the root of homeschool encouragement. At times, we just have to face the fears and disappointments. Look them in the eye and stare them down. We are never alone. Trust in the power of prayer. God has the ultimate words of encouragement.

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