Challenging Games

for 8-10 Year Olds

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This age group enjoys games that are both intellectually and physically challenging. Additionally, they can handle a little more rough and tumble and competitiveness.

In fact, this might be a prime opportunity emphasize good sportsmanship and the simple joys of play.

  • Keep Away
    Rules are elementary but the activity is not!

    Designate a time limit.

    Players form two equal teams. Height should be evenly matched.

    Children divide one-one-one. (At first, help them rearrange if there is a great disparity in height, age, power, etc. between the two opponents.) They spread out all over the field

    A ball is passed from one teammate to another. The opponents try to interject themselves and snatch the ball. Lots of bobbing, jumping, weaving, twisting, etc.--all legal!

    Each successful throw from one teammate to another counts as one point. Youngsters keep score aloud.

    The winners are the group that has the highest total as the time limit.

  • Tug-of-War
    Play clothes only! Be prepared for dirt and grime.

    Children divide into two fairly equal teams. Each elects a captain. A line is drawn in the center of the playing area.

    Across the line, the captains face each other and the rest of the teams line up singly behind them.

    The captains should be in back of the line, about three feet.

    All the children spread out and grab hold of a long length of rope.

    At the signal from the captains, teams pull all their might in opposite directions.

    The first team to drag the other leader over the line wins.

  • Horse
    This game requires a ball and basketball hoop.

    Everyone lines up. The first player makes any kind of shot he wants--silly, difficult, etc. The next child must imitate the throw.

    If he makes it, the play continues on down the line. Whoever misses gets the letter "H."

    The person after one who misses gets to choose the next way to shoot.

    The first child who collects H-O-R-S-E loses.

  • Frisbee Golf
    This is very similar to miniature golf! Need paper and pencil to keep score and a Frisbee or two, naturally!

    The first player selects the first "hole," an object about 50 feet away at which to aim the Frisbee (tree, bush, pole, etc.)

    Everyone gets a turn and counts the number of throws it takes to reach the object. Write down the scores.

    Another child picks the next "hole." Play continues. The winner is the one with the lowest number of "strokes."

    It's important that youngsters choose "holes" an equal number of times.

Have a terrific time with these spirited games. They are sure winners at co-op activities, picnics and birthday holiday parties.

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