Phlegmatic Temperament:

Powerful Potential

Rearing a child with the phlegmatic temperament can be a challenge. But anything of value has a price and, like any worthy endeavor, the rewards far outweigh the difficulties. The parents should and must diligently discipline and guide the youngster to cultivate his strengths and eliminate the negative tendencies.

One with this disposition tends not to be aroused easily or for any length of time. So getting and keeping his attention in order to teach and train him is the problem. Nevertheless, with persistence and insistence, it can be done!

Following are suggestions:

  • Help him develop strong beliefs--Direct him to lofty ideals. Encourage him to hold on to deep convictions. Have him study the Bible, live of saints, holy people and virtuous figures in history.

    Ask the youngster to identify some of the beliefs and values of these role models. Then consider how these ideals shaped their daily life and sometimes moved them to heroic action. Discuss his favorites at length--and over and over.

  • Explain everything--Talk, talk, talk with the phlegmatic individual. Lay out information in great detail, then repeat it over and over. (This is to capture his attention and keep it.)

  • Assist him to follow a well-planned rule of life--Accustom the youngster to a somewhat strict schedule. Slow, methodical efforts will propel him to perfection. This will combat his inclination to apathy and laziness. With control of himself, his natural strengths will carry the day.

The phlegmatic has many talents. By checking the negative tendencies, the numerous strengths are free to bloom. When the shell is broken, the sky's the limit.

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