Sanguine Temperament:

A Bright, Shining Star

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The sanguine temperament*--the life of the party, the one with the kind word and easy smile. Of the four personalities, the sanguine is the most positive. With consistent instruction and careful discipline, the individual with this tendency will be a shining star to brighten the hearts of his fellow-men.

Famous people: St. Peter, St. Augustine


This temperament is identified by (1) quick, vehement reactions to stimulus
(2)these reactions are shallow and short-lived.


Positive Qualities

"A person who is sanguine is generally optimistic, cheerful, even-tempered, confident, rational, popular, and fun-loving."**

  • Optimistic, cheerful--He loves life and wants to enjoy it. Dire events may occur around him, but after a short period of "being down," his natural enthusiasm and good-temper bounce back.

  • Sensitive and compassionate--This person is charitable, sincere, has a soft heart and loves greatly. Not surprisingly, he is popular and has many friends.

  • Creative--He has a very active imagination. Although his learning may not be of great depth, he is intelligent, quick, alert, and a skilled conversationalist.

  • Docile--A homeschooling Mother's dream, he is obedient and easily taught. Willing to oblige, he submits easily to superiors. He is not stubborn or defiant.

  • Has a tendency to the external--His five senses are very active and acute. Thus, he is keenly aware of and attracted to beauty and sensuality in clothes, furnishings, the arts, etc.. He has an eye for fine detail.

  • Self-detached--Although he can explode with anger, this individual bears no grudge or resentment.

  • Possesses common sense--The sanguine is very rational and practical.

This personality is ideally suited to any of the fields of oratory, creative and performing arts.

An individual with the sanguine temperament is endearing, sunny and gets along with even the most difficult persons. He soothes the brow and enlivens the soul of the rest of humanity.

*Please keep in mind that there are few people with pure temperaments, that there is a tendency toward certain behaviors, that nurture, of course, has an impact on nature, and prayer is our most powerful means of change.


Sanguine Weaknesses

Sanguine: Suggestions for Rearing

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