Homeschool Holidays

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Homeschool holidays are always greatly anticipated. Families rejoice in the meaning of the time itself, vacation from the routine and more time spent together.

However, when the date falls within the school year, to really celebrate is sometimes a challenge.

The problem lies in lack of preparation time.


This became clear shortly after we began homeschooling. St. Valentine's Day passed, then St. Patrick's, and Easter was on the horizon. One day we were sitting around the table for lunch, when we began to discuss the holiday. Several children were rather glum, and I inquired about what was going on. To my chagrin, one answered--and the words are seared in my brain, "We never decorate for holidays any more." Oh, my gosh, she was right! I am always so intent on school, I was completely unaware how important really celebrating is to my youngsters. I just did not make the time to do it.

Today, however, we throw caution to the winds when it comes to merrymaking on our homeschool holidays!


Because joyous commemorations are so important, one has to make the time for the homeschool holidays. Besides, part of home education is passing on to our children the great joy in living.

To make celebrations easier, consider these suggestions:

  • Plan. Evaluate. Then jot down what you have to do and the day on which to do it. Use the

    Holidays at Home Worksheet. or the Support Group Party Worksheet. Spread your efforts for the homeschool holiday out over as many weeks as necessary. Just seeing the plan makes it more do-able...and economical. For example, grocery shopping is mandatory, so on each trip, pick up a holiday item or two.

  • Actually, make the festival part of homeschooling. Read about its history and meaning, how it's celebrated in other lands, etc. Locate the countries on the map and globe. Make appropriate crafts in the preceding weeks. Research a variety of sources for recipes and traditional games and activities. Be creative. Explore. Dig in.

    patriotic homeschool celebrations

  • Enlist the aid of the older children and grandparents. (Can anything be more satisfying than helping little ones enjoy a holiday?) They can decorate, supervise cookie baking, write cards to friends and relatives, plan menus. Assisting young ones will be a treat for them!

  • Participate in the co-op activities. With several families hosting the party, it's guaranteed to be a highlight--but with minimum responsibility for each!
  • Use commercial decorations. Of course, it would be lovely to string popcorn and cranberries for the Christmas tree. (Actually, I've always wondered how they keep from breaking off.) But keep focused. Home education is far more important, and unless you can use the tiny edibles for a counting lesson, buy tinsel at $.59 a box. The tree will still look great.

    Buy the sturdier (wood, ceramic, metal, etc.) decorations after a holiday (50% or more cheaper) and save from year to year. Look on this as an investment. Ask for really nice pieces for presents. We have several Lenox serving pieces received over the years as gifts.

    Fill in with inexpensive, fun paper items. For most children, the bigger, more colorful and splashier, the better (crepe paper, those big paper postery pictures, curled ribbon, curly decorated wire). Then keep these "throw-aways" for the following years.


Each of these special occasions is a delightful opportunity. A holiday opens the window to touch the heart of the child. It is the chance to make memories and traditions that will live in your family for generations. In every possible way, "Homeschool Holidays" are a time to truly rejoice.

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