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homeschool art projects

Homeschool art projects add a welcome change of pace from "real" subjects.

You can schedule them in the logical spot: Friday afternoons. We tried this... and for several years it worked great.

However, as the youngsters grew older and the difficulty of subjects increased and/or electives (such as drama) became more important, the art activities always seemed to be pushed aside. So the slot for "Homeschool Art and Crafts" was moved to Thursday.

If one period doesn't work, don't be afraid to experiment. Find your family's time for homeschool art projects.

The following crafts are simple. All materials are cheap and can be purchased at a discount store if you don't already have them on hand. Several homeschool art projects use the same items.

    Fall Crayons

    Don't pitch those worn crayons! Recycle them to make new ones.

    Remove paper from the stubs.

    Grease well a muffin tin or old metal pan.

    Preheat oven to 275.

    Meanwhile, for further enrichment, the youngster can divide the crayons by color themes...fall--brown, yellow, orange, red...primary--red, blue, yellow...Christmas--red, green, white...endless possibilities

    Put the crayons in the pan/tin for 10-12 minutes.

    Cool. Remove with a knife.

    They can be cut to whatever size you want or used as is.

    Use them to make an autumn scene with colorful trees and fallen leaves.


    Family Scrapbook

    Purchase a scrapbook. (Craft stores regularly have them on sale.)

    Choose one child to label pages with the month.

    All family members contribute meaningful memorabilia for that month.

    For example--September--football headline or ticket, a beautiful leaf, picture of the first day of classes, outstanding school work, letter from an aunt, invitation to the church picnic, a birthday card.

    Each week add new material.

    Older children can compose captions and stories. All decorate. (The library has many books on scrapbooking. Just add a few simple touches.)


    Seasonal Silhouettes

    Note: Coordinate the colors of this "Homeschool Art Projects" to fit the season.

    • colored tissue paper (for example, for fall--red, brown, orange, yellow)
    • craft glue
    • construction paper (brown and black for fall)
    • white colored pencil
    • scissors

    Tear or cut the tissue paper into pieces. Adjust the size to the youngster. He will glue them one at a time so judge accordingly. The tinier they are the longer it takes.

    Glue them in a random but pleasing fashion to the brown construction paper, like overlapping puzzle pieces.

    On the black construction paper, use the white pencil to draw big seasonal symbol. It will go over the tissue bits so be sure it fills about 1/2 to 3/4 of the space. (fall--pumpkin...branchy tree...cornucopia...leaf ) Of course, a religious symbol is always appropriate.

    Cut out the design.

    Glue it over the tissue.

    Older youngsters can construct a frame from another sheet of the black paper.

    Make similar pictures for all four seasons.


    Autumn Tree

    • white paper (any size will do--try 5x8 is good for one tree, 8 1/2x11 for more than one element)
    • thin brown paint
    • plastic drinking straw cut in half
    • tissue paper in fall colors
    • glue
    • white and black or brown construction paper

    Place the white paper vertically.

    With the paintbrush, put a few drops of the brown paint at the base of the paper.

    Using the straw piece, blow the paint upward to form tree branches.

    (You can also add smaller trees or fall bushes like mums.)

    Allow the paint to dry.

    Cut the colored tissue paper into 1" squares.

    Crumple each.

    Arrange as leaves on the tree branches.

    Glue securely.

    After dried, attach tree picture on to the background of dark construction paper.

    Leave room at the top for the title of the work.

    Neatly print the title on a strip of white construction paper.

    Cut to size and glue in center, above the art.


    Relax and savor these easy going but fulfilling homeschool art projects. Take pictures of the youngsters doing them and then the completed work. Be sure to prominently display the children's homeschool crafts in your home "Gallery."

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