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Columbus Day Scavenger Hunt


Of all the homeschool holidays, one of the first opportunities for fun and festivity during the school year is Columbus Day.

At the time of his death, "To many Columbus was a failure, for he never succeeded in getting gold, nor did he ever reach India by sailing west. But he had done a far greater thing. Christopher Columbus had discovered the New World." Rev. Philip J. Furlong, Ph.D., historian

Plan to celebrate all homeschool holidays. These special days mean a lot to the children and to the whole family. They provide a break from routine and add sparkle and joy to daily living.

(Find party activities for your family or support group.)

For this homeschool holiday, spice up the school day with The Homeschooling Research Scavenger Hunt. Both fun and educational, this exercise can begin or end the day.

The set-up is simple. The student finds answers to appropriate history questions by using various media, encyclopedia, text books, story books, the Internet, a DVD, magazine article, etc.

So that the child gains better practice using reference material, you might want to set a few rules beforehand. For example, although the final responses may come from just one source, the student must consult three different ones.

In case a youngster can't find an answer and for the convenience of us Moms(!), answers are provided.

Columbus Day Scavenger Hunt

1. What nationality was Christopher Columbus?


2. However, he sailed for the country of __________________________.

3. The king and queen who sponsored the trip were


4. They gave him the title _________________________.

5. Columbus began his journey because he was trying to find


6. Why was this important? _________________________

7. The name of his three ships were the _________________________.

8. They each flew under a white flag with what symbols on it?


9. Sailing at this period of history was frightening. Why were sailors afraid to sign up for Columbus' crew? (Please give at least 2 reasons.)


10. On his most important voyage, Columbus sail in a direction different from everyone before him. Did he sail east or west? (Circle one.)

11. His trip began on _________________________, 1492.

12. The __________________________ was the fastest.

13. The flagship, _____________________, ran aground on Christmas Eve.

14. Toward the end of the voyage, Columbus sensed that the crew was planning a mutiny. He understood their feelings, so he made a pact with them. He said that if they didn't reach land within____________, they would turn back.

15. On October 10, Columbus saw _________________________ , so he knew land was near.

16. On October 11, Columbus spotted a second sign of land. It was


17. Give the date when they landed._________________________

18. When Columbus went ashore, his first act was to


19. He claimed the land for Spain and named it

_________________________ which means _________________________.

20. Columbus did not achieve his original goal, but he discovered something far more important,


Extra: 1. What virtues of Christopher Columbus can we imitate?

2. Christopher Columbus was a missionary. What do you think?

Enjoy this exercise...enjoy Columbus Day...enjoy all the homeschool holidays!

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