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Copy and use these free homeschool printables to reinforce, review and test your child's knowledge of interjections.

Memorize: An interjection is a word that expresses strong or sudden emotion.

Examples are "Hush," Sh," Oh."

It is not grammatically related to the other words in the sentence. Please notice that an interjection is usually followed by an exclamation point.

(Note: Sometimes a sentence includes an interjection and is also an exclamatory sentence. This is not included in this free homeschooling worksheet.)


Please circle the interjections in the following sentences. What emotion do you think is expressed?

1. Oh! The baby walked!

2. Sh! Mark is taking a math test.

3. Bravo! Your paper is perfect!

4. Whew! I am worn out.

5. Darn! I can't find the picture.

Please supply an interjection and the proper punctuation.

1. _____________________ How did you skin your knee?

2. _____________________ The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci is breathtaking.

3. _____________________ That step is loose.

4. _____________________ I'm finally finished.

5. _____________________ It's snowing!

For your convenience, use all the homeschool worksheets for your grammar lessons.


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