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All Saints Day Party

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Time for homeschool support groups and/or families to celebrate and honor all the holy friends of God. On (or about) November 1, have a homeschool holiday All Saints Day party!

  • Start with a really fun part...the costumes. Have the children decide who their heroes/saints will be. Pour through the Bible and saints books. Don't let them tell anyone whom they have chosen! (It makes for a fun activity. See below.)

    The garb can be very simple.


    In our case, since, unfortunately, I can't sew, I had them made. This is not as extravagant as it sounds. If the outfits are well-made, they can be handed down and used for years. Then, too, they are great for plays. For example, a gorgeous long, pink "silk" dress trimmed in brocade was originally made for my daughter to be Queen Elizabeth of Hungary. Then it served for the Blessed Mother, Queen Esther, and Sleeping Beauty.

    Finally, it saw action in the Shakespeare plays A Comedy of Errors and A Midsummer's Night Dream. Now it hangs in the closet waiting for my granddaughters to grow into it.

    Ditto a guy's robe and cape.


    Just a few ideas to start with:

    --The Bible/or a children's version
    --Butler's Lives of the Children or a children version
    --The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom (teens)
    --any Mary Fabyan Windeatt saints books
    --Christy by Catherine Marshall (teens)
    --any Louis de Wohl saints books (teens)

    --Ben Hur
    --The Ten Commandments
    --Jesus of Nazareth
    --Greates Heroes and Legends of the Bible (cartoons)


  • Youngsters should continue to read about their heroes. Then they jot down several interesting facts on a 3x5 card. (See below.) We Moms can help toddlers and pre-schoolers with this.

  • Party Day: Set the tone by opening with a prayer.

    "Everybody is supposed to be holy. Holiness is not a luxury of the few; it is a simple duty of all...what others call you does not matter."
    (Mother Teresa, when asked about people referring to her as a living saint)

  • Organize the homeschool support groups/family activities.

    1)--Ice Breaker--Children keep their identities secret. So the first item on the agenda is "Guess Who!"

    Everyone sits. Then in turn, each child gives three clues and the others try to guess who he is.

    The clues should be in a form like this: "I was found in reeds. I was adopted. I had a very important mission for God. Who am I?"

    Many times the hero/saint won't get past the first statement or two. Everyone shouts guesses. But if they are stumped, the child can keep giving more and more obvious hints. Even the very youngest can participate with an older brother, sister or Mom to help.

    (We decided the order of presentation by drawing names.)

    2)--Plan homeschool support groups/family games. Adapt them to our heroes and saints theme. Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, try pin the wing on the angel or the halo on the saint.

    Run several at a time if you have large homeschool support groups.


  • For a craft, make crowns.

    • poster board

    • strong tape

    • scissors

    • rulers

    • colored markers, crayons

    • fancy decorations--glue and glitter, old buttons, glitter glue, sticker stars, etc.

    --It might be wise to pre-cut the crowns for the little ones.

    --Cut a straight edge 12" long.

    --Measure 3" above and draw a parallel line. Do not cut into this area.

    --Depending on high tall you want the crown, measure about 6" from the initial bottom line.

    --This is the point where you cut from-to the 3" line to make the points of the crown.

    --Do not worry too much about precision. You can make some peaks taller.

    --Use this as a pattern for the rest.

    --At the party, after a child decorates his crown, measure it to fit his head.

    --Securely tape it on the inside.

  • Teens

    Teens must be included! Those "too old" to participate in the activities can play Bible games, chess, Clue or whatever. They can help run the games and craft and serve refreshments.

    The boys may go outside for football or basketball. The girls could make greeting cards or scrapbook.


  • Refreshments, of course, are the most popular of any homeschool support groups activities! Pray a blessing. Then serve angel food cake cut into small squares. Top with strawberries and whip cream. Offer punch or fruit juice. (We always make it a point to remind our boys that girls go first...and remind the girls to thank the fellas.)

  • Don't forget a camera.

    Take pictures for your homeschool yearbook! ...or your family album!

Incorporate these simple ideas into your homeschool support groups or family's party. Use this homeschool holiday to offer praise and thanksgiving to God. Enjoy your All Saints Day!

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