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This simple, easy to-follow book report outline is very adaptable. Change it as necessary to meet the needs of your child.

Check the 5th grade and 9th grade book report samples to see how this form can be used for any grade.

Note: Save time and effort. Copy this free format so the student can just directly write on it.

For additional explanation, please refer to the companion article, "Book Reports Made Easy."

For outline, use words/phrases to complete.

  • Title
  • Author
  • Type
  • Main Characters

Title of Paper

I. Beginning Paragraph(very general) (include title & author)



C. Thesis sentence--

II. Topic One--Beginning sentence--

A. Proof #1--

B. Proof #2--

C. Proof #3--

III. Topic Two—Beginning sentence--

A. Proof #1--

B. Proof #2--

C. Proof #3--

IV. Topic Three—Beginning sentence--

A. Proof #1--

B. Proof #2--

C. Proof #3--

VI. Concluding Paragraph (reverse ideas of beginning paragraph)

A. Restate thesis--

B. Briefly restate points--

C. Very general comment--


Used consistently, this outline will assist your child 1) to think clearly and logically, 2) to back up his statements with concrete proof, 3) to write with cohesion and interest. A book report winner!

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