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Middle Grades

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  • Title: Beorn the Proud
  • Author: Madeleine Polland
  • Characters: Beorn, Ness
  • Type: Historical Fiction

Admirable Barbarian

A book that is highly recommended is Beorn the Proud by Madeleine Polland. Taking place at the millennium, it recounts the adventures of a Viking youth. The virtues of Beorn are bravery, kindness, and humility.

Bravery is shown by Beorn. An example is when he challenged a bigger and stronger Viking to a swimming contest. Another is when there was a storm at sea, and he did not tremble with fear, as a boy of his age usually would. Bravery is well-demonstrated throughout the story.

Kindness is another virtue of this young Viking. When the Vikings were on a raid of a small Irish village, he saved a girl's cross from being destroyed. He also did not treat her as a slave as other conquerors would. Beorn's kindness is admirable.

Humility is yet another virtue of this youth. After his false gods failed him, he admitted that there was only one true God. When he found he could not be king, he calmly accepted it. After he was exiled from Denmark, he went to live with the Irish folk as a commoner. Beorn gives us a demonstration of humility.

Considering the evidence of his virtues, Beorn is a respectable example for others. He is inspiring and interesting. Beorn the Proud is a book to be cherished by all for years to come.


Remember to adapt the outline to your child's needs. Line it up with the sample. Notice how they work together. following this simple system, your student will be successful and even enthusiastic about sharing his ideas and comments in a homeschool book report.

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