Common Nouns Worksheet

Common Noun--name of any person, place or thing. (car, book, child) Worksheet Instructions: Circle all common nouns. The number of nouns in each sentence is in parentheses.

1. The ice is melting. (1)

2. The boy and his dog played happily. (2)

3. When will the pool open? (1)

4. The book is inspiring. (1)

5. My grandparents live down the street. (2)

6. You may use my crayons. (1)

7. The window of the church is stained glass. (3)

8. Joe and Pat are brothers. (1)

9. Did you clean your room? (1)

10.The baby crawled to the table. (2)

Instructions: Test your knowledge! Please supply common nouns.

1. The little ____________________ helped his Mother and Father.

2. A ____________________grows outside my window.

3. Helen and Beth played with their____________________.

4. The ____________________is beautiful.

5. I called my ____________________.

6. I made a ____________________for our pastor.

7. Did you and she go to the ____________________?

8. Dad will fix my ____________________.

9. Mike gave a ____________________to his friend.

10. The clean ____________________is folded.

Total points: 25

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