Worksheet: Review of

Proper and Common Noun

Worksheet Instruction: Review common and proper nouns.

Write the definitions:

Common noun--_______________________________________________________


Proper noun--_________________________________________________________


Instruction: In the following sentences, underline proper nouns and circle common nouns.

1. In July, my family visited Washington, D.C.

2. Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

3. My puppy is named Max.

4. Sam and Mary swept the sidewalk for Mrs. Johnson.

5. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

6. Ice cream, cake and cookies were served at the picnic.

7. We saved pennies in a jar to send to the missions.

8. John, Joe and Tim built a fort in the backyard.

9. Teresa cleared the table while Katie washed the dishes.

10. Mom put a silver star on my spelling test.

11. On the wall in our classroom, Dad hung a colorful poster of the alphabet.

12. The fish took the bait!

13. This Saturday, we are painting the hall at church.

14. What dress are you wearing to the concert?

15. English is my favorite subject!

Total: 50 points

("We" and "you" are included here, but they are pronouns.)

Answer Key

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