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Use these free worksheets for homeschooling to supplement your grammar lessons. Copy and use often to reinforce, review and test.

Memorize: A conjunction is a word used to connect words*, phrases or clauses in a sentence. The principal coordinate conjunctions are and, but, or, nor.

Please explain to your student that the two items joined by a conjunction are balanced. In other words, a conjunction connects words, phrases and clauses that do the same kind of work. (subjects to subjects, verbs to verbs, etc.)

*In lower grades, you may wish to use this abbreviated definition: A conjunction is a word used to connect words. The introduction to conjunctions is the focus of this printable.


In the following sentences, please circle the conjunctions and underline the words they connect.

Conjunctions connecting Subjects:

1. You or she may erase the chalkboard.

2. The mother cat and her kittens snuggled in their cozy box.

3. Did Clare or Charles finish cleaning the closet?

4. Adam and Eve were our first parents.

Conjunctions connecting Predicates:

5. The kitty pawed and pulled the string.

6. The rickety boat creaked and groaned as it rocked on the rough sea.

7. The boys whooped and hollered as their favorite team scored a touchdown.

8. Jesus suffered and died for us.

Conjunctions connecting Modifiers:

9. Always do your assignment neatly and promptly.

10.She wore her red and blue dress to the party.

11.The bell rang loudly but joyfully.

12.Dad is a skillful and careful driver.


Please provide a conjunction in the following sentences.

1. Either Andrew ____________________ Peter will help our pastor.

2. The farmer planted __________________ harvested his wheat.

3. Did the team win ____________________ lose?

4. The team tried hard _______________________ still lost the game.

5. The police officer spoke politely __________________ firmly.

6. Mom ____________________ Dad celebrated their wedding anniversary.

7. The stars twinkled ___________________ sparkled.

8. The story was long __________________ interesting.

9. Throughout the day, the young puppy either sleeps __________________ eats.

10.Tom __________________ Chris, your science project took first!

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