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Make A Homeschool Yearbook!

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A homeschool yearbook is almost a necessity!

The youngster enjoys the annual record and Mom can find information conveniently. Added bonuses are the opportunities for valuable experience in journalism, for social get-togethers and an "extra-curricular" activity to list for college or job applications.

For these reasons the homeschool yearbook is an ideal project for the high schoolers.

A parent volunteer acts as moderator. This takes a little time, but it mostly consists of guiding the teens and offering to host the meetings. The youths should do the actual work.

Talk over the money situation with the Moms. There will be the printing expense. Two possible ways in which this can be done: (1) the cost could be included in any dues or fees at the beginning of the year (2)each family could just order and pre-pay in the spring. Whatever everyone decides, be sure it is understood by all.

Encourage families to take lots of pictures during school, at church, of sports, hobbies, and other interests, and, most importantly, at all co-op events.

Choose three or four possible themes for the yearbook. The teens vote for their favorite.

Then a great way to involve the entire co-op is to have a cover design contest. Announce the theme, set a deadline and ask for submissions from all ages. The yearbook staff decides. Those pictures which are not chosen can be used as chapter or category divisions. In some way, all illustrations should be included.

In spring and/or summer, hold meetings (approximately 3). Several weeks before the first get-together, ask the members to donate the pictures. It's simpler to let people know that the pictures won't be returned; ask for copies. Keep asking. Be persistent.

Each youngster should bring his own equipment to the meetings. After pizza, the teens divide (or are divided) into groups and work on the pages you assign. Creativity is the name of the game.

Possible page ideas include the following:

  • each family makes its own "Family Page"--any way they wish (the variety is amazing)

  • all co-op events--each with its own page (parties, service projects, yearbook staff, sports, religious activities, graduation, school courses, any and all "doings")

  • a senior page--each senior (or Mom or family) is responsible for his own (baby pictures, sports, achievements--serious or comical)

  • several just fun pages--hopefully, there will be many amusing, unusual, and just plain great pictures of the Moms, Dads, children, pets...crop, make collages, funny quotes, the sky's the limit (as long as it's in good taste)

  • list of co-op members--parents' names, children and ages, phone numbers, street and e-mail addresses

Get price quotes from various copy shops. If agreeable cost-wise, have the yearbook bound with spiral binding ans a clear plastic cover. It enhances the appearance and is durable.

The homeschool yearbook committee provides a service to the homeschooling co-op, yet the "work" is so pleasant... and their results are memorable. They make treasures that last a lifetime!

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